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Will working out make me better at fishing?

I have been fishing for fun and for work out of Venice, Louisiana over the last 3 years, and let me tell you...if you aren't used to heavy lifting then you won't be able to keep up!

The fishing is hard core out there in the Gulf, and I've realized the only place I can grow myself to reach this level of strength is in the workout room. Especially as a woman in a man's world, you can see why the majority of people at the Venice Marina are males! This sport takes energy, endurance, strength, balance and willpower! I learn every single one of those things pushing myself through a workout.

So yes, I do believe working out will not only make you better at fishing, but better at whatever else you do...from tracking down that big buck you've been after for years, to playing with your kids to working in the yard. I have personally experienced the difference between being strong and spending a day out on the water fishing versus being weak (after weeks without training) and spending a day out on the water fishing...I'm sure you can guess which day went better. I feel such a powerful improvement in my performance when I am strong and fit.

Fitness strengthens your body and improves your performance, and all sports are about performance. If you want to improve your sport, improve your performance. It's simple and that's what I believe in! Try it, and I guarantee you will never go back.

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