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At Home Workout Essentials List

When I began my fitness journey in 2010, I began with home workouts. Home workouts are one of my favorite ways to stay in shape, because it is convenient, cheap and easy! (Plus you can flex in the mirror as much as you want and nobody is there to judge you!😉) It is also a place where you can build confidence to go to a gym, focus on your form and save time.

I have put together a list of home workout equipment that you could slowly begin to collect to make your home workout experience the best it can be, without having to build another room just for a home gym! I have already gotten to that point, and maybe one day you will love working out at home so much that you will turn a room into a gym too, but for now, these are the essentials:

  1. A set of resistance bands (also great for traveling workouts)

  2. A pair or two (or three) of dumbbells- the more the merrier!

  3. A yoga mat (or surface to sweat, jump on, lay on, etc.)

  4. A designated step stool or chair (I say designated because this stool may or may not get dirty from you sweating and stepping on it, so it might not be a good idea to workout on those expensive dining chairs you got from Pottery Barn! I have a cheap plastic one from Home Depot that I've had for years just for this purpose!)

  5. A full length mirror to motivate yourself, and keep an eye on your form.

Some honorable mentions:

  1. A jump rope (my favorite form of cardio!-also great for travel)

  2. 1 or 2 kettlebells

  3. Yoga blocks

  4. Ankle weights and/or weighted vest

  5. Medicine ball or weighted ball

  6. Booty sprout machine

  7. Pull up bar for the doorway

  8. Sandbag

I hope you can begin to set up your own collection of home workout equipment and get started working out from home! I find that new workout "toys" or outfits will get me a little pepped up to workout sometimes if I'm not really feeling it. Also- taking your workouts outside and switching things up is also not a bad idea! Get a bike and go for a ride or go for a jog, or take your booty bands to the beach or the trail and enjoy sweating with a view! There is so much you can do to stay fit without paying an expensive gym membership! :)

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