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How I Combat Cellulite + My Tips

I struggle with cellulite personally, just like many women do! I think it is something that is almost unavoidable and that everyone has some flaw on their skin that they don't like which is just human and I believe it's perfectly ok and healthy to embrace the flaws on your skin! However I also believe there are ways to make your cellulite less noticeable and this is just what I have experienced personally. I don't know if it is backed by science or that it will work for everyone, but if you have never tried anything to make your cellulite go away, then definitely give these tips a try!

  1. Eat CLEAN! Especially avoiding sugar and alcohol!- THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP!

  2. Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated!

  3. MOVE your body! Walk more, ride your bike, park far away at the store so you can move and be active- I believe circulation and blood flow has a lot to do with diminishing cellulite!

  4. Exfoliate your skin and moisturize it well- I love to exfoliate frequently especially in my problem areas where I have cellulite or stretch marks!

  5. Wear sunscreen- skin damage from the sun can make your skin appear to have more flaws especially as you age, so keeping your skin nice and healthy will also add to your efforts to reduce cellulite!

  6. Give yourself time and be consistent! It won't go away in a week...try it out for a month at least depending on the severity of your cellulite.

  7. Apply a fake tan for a quick fix! If you have to go to a pool party this weekend and don't have time to notice results, then applying a tan will even your skin tone and hide imperfections like cellulite!

I'm not perfect and I don't always follow all these rules myself, however once I start to notice some cellulite creeping up on me I immediately take action to slow it down or reduce it! So give these tips a try if you are combatting cellulite like me!

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